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Q&A with Shawnee QB and Running Back Mike Ansberry

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 2:06 pm    Post subject: Q&A with Shawnee QB and Running Back Mike Ansberry Reply with quote

From the Courier Post...
Monday, October 9, 2006

Each week "Courier-Post' staff writer Kevin Callahan sits down with a high school athlete for a question and answer session. This week's subject is Mike Ansberry, a senior quarterback/running back for Shawnee High School.

Q: Do you have a cool nickname?

A: "Double Ones" -- my old number 11.

Q: What college are you interested in attending?

A: Drexel University.

Q: What will you major in at college?

A: Commerce and Engineering.

Q: The Rolling Stones and The Who are both touring again this fall, what legendary band would you rather see?

A: The Rolling Stones, even though Jagger is scary looking.

Q: Who is the best football player in South Jersey?

A: Mike Drake (Cherry Hill East,) he is vicious on offense and on defense.

Q: What rule would you add to football in high school?

A: No intentional grounding outside the tackle box. That rule right now makes you choose a sack or a penalty.

Q: What is your favorite high school football team not your own?

A: Seneca, I used to play baseball with those guys and they are great people to be around and they always go hard.

Q: What St. Mary's of the Lakes grade school teacher taught you the most about life?

A: Mrs. Sweeny taught me perseverance. She survived cancer and came back to school to teach and the cancer came back. Knowing what was ahead of her she still taught for a while longer. She passed away a little after that but her courage to persevere was humbling.

Q: Does your coach Tim Gushue drive a cool car?

A: He drives a GMC "Battle Tank." He is always playing college fight songs, nobody messes with him, he makes the car cool.

Q: You wear the special No. 44 for Shawnee, what does that mean to you?

A: It was Nick Garner's number before he passed away. It is a responsibility to play with character and integrity because it is his name behind the number. I am forever grateful that I was selected to wear it.

Q: Could you win "Survivor All-Star'?

A: No, I need a shower. I have enough trouble with the demon cave crickets in my basement, anyway.

Q: What is the first Web site you read each day?

A: My AP Biology Eboard to make sure I have all of my homework.

Q: Who is the biggest inspiration in school?

A: My old gym teacher Mr. Melograna inspired me to enjoy life while I have it.

Q: Could you replace Steve Irwin as the Crocodile Hunter?

A: I could wrestle crocodiles, but I would not be able to do a show on the cave crickets in my basement, they are from another planet.

Q: What CD do you listen to after every game?

A: The Pretender by Jackson Browne.

Q: Do your parents (Mark and Susan) have any cool DVDs?

A: My dad has Cool Hand Luke. I watched it once and it was instantly my favorite movie.

Q: Nicest person on the team?

A: Matt Gianotti, he's a little guy with a lion's heart, and a kind heart at that.

Q: What book would you rather read than play PlayStation?

A: The Steve Prefontaine biography.

Q: The person in history you would like to play XBox against?

A: I would play a non-violent game against Buddha, I want to hear what he would say about our world today and what we have to do.

Q: Where is the first place you will go on vacation once you start working?

A: I would go to Alaska to breathe the air and see the northern lights.

Q: Best math teacher in your school to help a sportswriter who can't get the final score right?

A: I like all of my math teachers and they are all the best, but Mrs. Williams' Pre-Cal should have an equation for that.

Q: Worst food in the cafeteria that you would only give a sportswriter who asks a dumb question?

A: I would tell you but I don't know what they call it, or if it has a name at all.
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