Jan 18 04 - Marijuana Confiscated Headed to Medford

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Flagstaff, AZ.  January 18, 2004. - Nearly half a ton of marijuana was found in a tractor trailer headed for Medford NJ.  According to an article appearing today in the Arizona Daily Sun, the Arizona Department of Public Safety busted a Los Angeles based truck driver with 943 pounds of marijuana that he said he was driving to Medford.  The police put a value of $1.5 million on the load of dope.

The driver, Elton Agnew, 45, was stopped by a K-9 officer just before midnight on Interstate 17.  The officer had noticed several equipment violations.  When the driver was questioned by the officer, his explanation about where he was coming from was inconsistent with his logbook.  The officer asked for consent to search the vehicle, but the driver refused.  The officer then had the police dog do a walk-around, and the dog alerted to the scent of contraband near the back doors to the trailer.  This gave the officer probable cause, and a search of the trailer revealed the marijuana inside a 15,000 pound load of roses.

The driver was hesitant to cooperate, fearing for reprisals from others involved with the drug operation.  It appears that the marijuana was picked up in Phoenix, and detectives from the Phoenix police department have been contacted.  Medford NJ police were also notified about the shipment.


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