Jan 27 04 - MYAA Football FieldHouse Update

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Construction Update - MYAA Football Fieldhouse

January 27, 2004 - Thanks to the hard work and volunteer efforts of so many families and businesses associated with the Medford NJ MYAA Football program, construction is progressing steadily on the Al Canale Memorial Fieldhouse.  A visit to the site on January 27th showed that Bob Meyer Communities was managing to keep construction moving along like a Medford running back on a Friday night... despite temperatures in the high twenties with a constant freezing rain.

The second floor is framed, the roof is on the building and weather-tight, windows are installed, and the view of our snow-covered sod is fantastic!

The snack-bar will be under the overhang on the game field side.  The bathrooms are on the side, also under an overhang.  The game announcer and spotters, videographers, and  photographers will have a beautiful view from the upstairs windows.

The view from the announcer's booth.  Imagine late summer... there is a green football field under all of that snow.

View from the back.  The masonry block will be painted... so this is not the final color.  Bathrooms are on first floor on the left, team room, storage rooms are in the basement.. on the bottom right.

Another view from the field.

Special thanks to Bob and Brian Meyer, George Munger, Tom Arnot, Vince Ceroli, and all the volunteers and professionals who helped to make this dream a reality.


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