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Up Neighborhood House Property

 Welcome to 3 Pontiac Drive

Nearly one acre, this wooded lakefront property offers everything you could want.

  • Beauty - Come home to the most beautiful, relaxing setting you can possibly find in South Jersey.  The mature landscaping features giant rhododendrons and impressive oak trees.

  • Privacy - the house is ideally situated on the lot.  The heavily wooded property offers natural privacy on all sides.

  • Outdoor activities - The large, open back yard is a great place for kids and pets to run and play.  There is plenty of room for a whole crowd to have fun.

  • Gardening - A large garden features raspberries, blackberries, and plenty of room to grow fresh vegetables.

A giant rhododendron centers the driveway turnaround.

Rose of Sharon trees are situated in front of the screen porch.

These bloom for months, attracting hummingbirds.

Large rhododendrons are found on both sides of the property, providing natural privacy from adjoining properties.

Bushels of delicious pears grow in the back yard.

A large raspberry and blackberry patch provides loads of tasty berries every spring

The garden provides big bowls full of the freshest, tastiest raspberries and blackberries... every spring.

Mature dogwood trees in the front yard are thick with bright white flowers in the spring.


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